PS5 vs PS5 Digital: Which Version to Buy?

Ps5 and ps5 digital
It's like considering a partner, what counts is what's on the inside, not the looks... or so everyone says. (Image Credit: Sony)

The PS5 is out for almost everyone now, but that doesn’t mean that you already have it sitting at home. Like many, you might not have been as lucky as some others and managed to snatch a PS5 before it sold out. Now that you have some more time to think about it, which console do you want to buy? In case you're still thinking about it, we’ll tell you about the major differences between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital.

This shouldn’t surprise you, because this is the most obvious difference.

One, you can insert discs into the other one, you cannot. Duh.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on some things that you might not know yet.


If you’re worried about technical details such as graphics, CPU, and storage, don’t. Both PS5 and PS5 Digital are exactly the same in that sense.

So, apart from the disc aspect, there are only two more differences.

Difference #1: The Design

The PS5 Digital version looks a lot neater than the normal PS5 version. It seems as if Sony just glued the slot for the discs to the side, doesn’t it? So, if you are someone that values aesthetics, you might want to consider going for PS5 Digital.

Also, you might lean more towards PS5 Digital because of difference #2.

Difference #2: The Price

You think that Sony would use the same price for both consoles? Come on, you know them better than that.

You pay a proud $100 more for the standard version of the PS5. So essentially, you pay $100 dollars more for a… disc slot.

The thing is, if you’ve been someone that liked playing discs on your PS4 and not buy games from the PlayStation Store, then you might not have much of a choice but buy the more expensive version. As we explained in our Which PS4 Games Get a Free PS5 Upgrade, you can download the games you bought through the PlayStation Store for free, but if you buy the PS5 Digital version and have discs from your PS4, then you have no other choice but to buy these games again.

It’s a tricky situation that is more about simple aesthetics, unfortunately. Which to buy depends on whether you have a shelf full of PS4 discs that you reach for a lot, or you’ve filled your game library with games from the PlayStation Store.

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