Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist: When Is the Exact Release Time?

Rainbow six siege crimson heist release time
Crimson Heist is launching at last. (Credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege's next chapter - Crimson Heist, has been hinted at for about a month. Today, March 16, is the day we finally see the new update come to life. The exact time of release has been unraveled too.

Crimson Heist promised a new operator, balancing of other operators, a bunch of new features and the mandatory bug fixes. We've covered the content of the Rainbow Six Siege update already. But when is it coming out?

When is Crimson Heist Coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

Ubisoft announced the official launch date and hour of the update. Depending on where you're reading this from, the number is different. The date is at least the same - March 16, unless you live in a resolute eastern Russia village.

Here are some of the major times of release. Note that these are all for PC. The Xbox update will begin an hour later, the PlayStation - two hours after the times pointed below.

  • 6am - PDT
  • 9am - EDT
  • 1pm - UTC
  • 2pm - CET
  • 4pm - MSK
  • 9pm - CST
  • 10pm - JST

Our little list should have you (relatively) covered.

Wherever you are, you will have to wait for approximately an hour for Crimson Heist to hack itself onto your machine. They you will be able to give Flores a spin, iiif you've paid for premium battle pass. If not, you will have the chance to purchase the thief in two weeks.

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