RAZER ISKUR Gaming Chair Review: A Throne for Champions

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The Razer Iskur is a stylish and comfortable gaming chair. (Credit: Razer, photo by EarlyGame)

The Razer Iskur is the first gaming chair to come from the PC peripherals giant and is an impressive piece of hardware that boasts features other gaming chairs could only dream of. Whilst there is room for improvement, and a few problems that we feel should not have been overlooked, this is certainly a chair to write home about.

Now, that might sound like a bit of a bizarre thing to say about a chair – a chair's a chair, right? Well, you've got it wrong there, my good sir! The Razer Iskur is not your standard office chair, nor is it your standard gaming chair. It's a chair built to support both your gamer ego, and your gamer health. You could perhaps say “this chair's got spine!”

Razer Iskur Review Headrest
The Razer Iskur is just unbelievably elegant... just look at this bloody headrest! (Credit: Razer, photo by EarlyGame)

RAZER ISKUR Gaming Chair Review: A Stylish Monster Design

It only takes a quick look to recognize the Razer Iskur as a stylish monster. Its design is all about the sleek, dark black faux leather, and the curved cobra shape of its back. It isn't a big departure from what you would usually expect from a gaming chair, but it is a very sleek and non-flashy design, something we appreciated a lot.

The review unit we received was a standard black design, without the flashy green strips available in other units. Personally, we thought that the minimalistic black was gorgeous, especially with the slightly shiny Razer logo on the headrest. It looks appropriately “gamer”, but without having that absurd, try-hard look that many gaming chairs like to show off. We don't need flashy reds and blues and greens and pinks... we want something that actually looks GOOD. This is where the Razer Iskur delivers.

razer iskur review green
The green strips on the other edition of the Razer Iskur, add a nice color contrast. Super stylish! (Credit: Razer)

The build features black PVC faux leather, so you don't have to worry about killing cows when you purchase this bad-boy, which is nice. It looks great too, the black shimmers and the whole design is super classy. Less is certainly more, and with Razer opting to not include RGB lighting, they have elevated the Iskur to, thankfully, not feel or look like a toy.

Thus, the Razer Iskur is a sleek and elegantly designed char. That is, if you fit. The biggest problem with the Razer Iskur's design is that it simply has not been designed for people who are above average in size. There are two panels on either side of the seat, which constrict your a$$. We will dub these “Thigh Containment Panels”, or TCP.

The problem with the TCP's is, if you are a little bit wider, it will limit your ability to enjoy the chair. It looks great, sure, and for many it won't be a problem, but you don't have to be particularly large to simply not fit inside. This is a bizarre oversight, considering that the chair is designed to carry a load of 136 kg, or 299 lbs. It's not a showstopper, but a pretty major problem for the Iskar.

Razer Iskur Review TCP
What we have dubbed "Thigh Containment Panels". Yes, they look fantastic, but they aren't ideal for people of above-average size. (Credit: Razer)

RAZER ISKUR Gaming Chair Review: This Lumbar Support Feels Fabulous

The thing that sets the Razer Iskur the most apart from its competitors is the way that it handles lumbar support. Where most gaming chairs opt for cushions, the Iskur comes with a padded backrest that will fit your form, via its full adjustability.

Sit back on the chair, and pop a small lever on the underside of the seat. The back panel will move out, curving and fitting your spine perfectly. If you have back problems, or just generally care about your posture and health, it is important to have good back support if you are going to sit for long periods of time.

When it works, it supports your back perfectly, but there are two main problems: it's hard to get this feature to work, and when it does, the chair is already leaned too far back. If the valve connecting the adjustable lumbar support to the lever is too tight, the whole feature won't work. Oh, and it is really difficult to reach the lever.

It can, of course, be fixed by loosening the screw, but the biggest problem with Iskur's back support is that the whole back of the chair is tilted too far back, even when it pushed all the way forward. It feels like you are reclining, which is great for a console gaming session, but if you play PC, or are using it for office work, it is less than ideal for a keyboard and mouse.

On the flip side, however, this also depends on your body type and the way that you like to use your keyboard and mouse. Whilst I had significant problems with the shape of the chair – when sitting back, it felt weird to type – a colleague who was somewhat taller had no problem. If you type whilst resting your forearms on the chair's armrests, it's fine. If you want to lean your wrist on the desk, then it doesn't work particularly well.

Razer Iskur Review Lumbar Support
The game-changing new lumbar support system on the Razer Iskur. (Credit: Razer)

RAZER ISKUR Gaming Chair Review: Construction Crisis

The Iskur is insanely easy to assemble, with a nifty little tool in the box to help you fit all the screws perfectly. It is heavy, but maneuverable once the wheels are on. The frame is insanely bulky, and the process of attaching the base is especially difficult, though instructionally straightforward.

Once it has been constructed, though, it is a joy to behold. One thing that impresses me about the chair is its ability to simultaneously feel soft and solid. We have discussed the lumbar support, and its mixed-bag situation, but when it comes to pure comfort, that's where the Razer Iskur is the strongest.

Assuming that you can sit back in the chair, you will feel supported and cushioned, as comfortable as a couch, but with the back support of a high-end office chair. This is a true achievement, especially for a company that has never produced a gaming chair up until this point. It might a bit heavy, but its material, its neck cushion, and its seat are worth every ounce.

The armrests are fully adjustable, as well, with what is labeled as a 4D (4-directional) take on your traditional armrest design. They can move up, down, left, right, and they can swivel. This gives you, yet again, diversity in how you use it. To summarize: it's all bloody comfortable and offers significant adjustability.

Razer Iskur Review Thumbnail
The Razer Iskur is unbelievably comfortable, and a pleasure to behold. (Credit: Razer, photo by EarlyGame)

RAZER ISKUR Gaming Chair Review: Our Verdict

So, what do we think about the Razer Iskur? Well, you better have read the damn review! Whilst we have our problems with it, Razer's first attempt at a gaming chair is a fantastic and innovative gaming product, well-worth its price of admission.

It may be mired by an overly narrow seat, and lumbar support both difficult to use, and somewhat awkward, but it is a stylish and super-comfortable seat. The Razer Iskur is a masterclass in back support and comfort, whilst looking absolutely gorgeous. In this respect, Razer's new gaming chair is a throne for champions.


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We received a Razer Iskur for the purpose of writing a review.