Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Transforms His Desk Into A Horse

This Red Dead Redemption player has transformed the game into a 4D experience at home

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse
Red Dead Redemption 2 player turns table into horse | © Rockstar Games

What characterizes Red Dead Redemption to a large extent are the horses. As the primary means of transportation, players spend hours in the saddle... But riding a horse in a video game is quite different to the real life experience. While many companies are trying to enhance the gaming experience through virtual reality, this Red Dead Redemption player has taken immersion to the next level by turning his desk into a horse.

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Red Dead Redemption Player Turns Desk Into Horse

The indian YouTuber "Teenenggr", who is known for his crazy tech-DIY's, wanted to experience what riding a horse in RDR2 must feel like in reality... by tuning up his desk.

By tracking the horse's movement in Red Dead Redemption 2 and implementing those values into a C# script, he was able to make air cylinders move at the exact speed of the horse while playing the game. He then attached the cylinders to his desk, and it kind of worked...

But playing Red Dead Redemption on a desk that bounces around like a horse is impossible without the monitor, keyboard and mouse flying around. After taping those items down well enough, he was ready to go.

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Maybe this is what we can expect from video games in the future. As virtual reality is constantly evolving, it is not unrealistic to expect this kind of immersion in a video game like Red Dead Redemption 2. The possibilities in that matter are basically endless, and this YouTube channel is full of crazy DIY ideas on video games.

Some developers even went as far as to create a VR headset, that literally kills you, as soon as you die in game.

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