Red Dead Redemption Remaster in the Works!

Red Dead Redemption Remaster
Have caught something big? | © Rockstar

Rockstar Games’ last big release was Red Dead Redemption 2 back in October 2016, and this has left Rockstar fans so, so, thirsty! You only need to look at how many people are still playing GTA online or GTA V and these games are by no means 'new.' Sources have claimed that Rockstar is reportedly working on a remastered version of everyone’s favorite cowboy simulator: Red Dead Redemption! This cowboy classic may just get the remasted treatment as new rumors have emerged.

The latest installment of Red Dead was a prequel to the events from the first Red Dead Redemption game which was good but not nearly satisfying enough for fans of the game. But, what would be an even better way to rejuvenate the dwindling player base of the Red Dead universe, would be a remasted version of the game in full 4k, ultra settings, RTX glory. We can meme as much as we want on Red Dead, but the gameplay is incredibly immersive. You really do feel like a literal cowboy when you play Red Dead Redemption 2, so a remaster of the original version would be a pretty epic experience.

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So let's saddle up, ride into the sunset, and see where these Red Dead Redemption Remaster rumors take us!

Red Dead Redemption Remaster: Release Date Speculation

According to Kotaku, a source claims a remastered edition is something Rockstar is seriously considering but will depend on how well the GTA remasters sell, and then the Red Dead Redemption remaster could be greenlit. Red Dead Redemption launched back in 2010, so it could use a few hundred more polygons and some pixel grease to spoof up its appearance. We already know Rockstar is working on remasters for the original GTA series so a Red Dead remaster could definitely be on the table.

What Studio is Working on the Red Dead Redemption Remaster?

Sources close to Rockstar believe that the Red Dead Redemption remaster would presumably be helmed by Rockstar Dundee, a Scottish studio of the company. Dundee mainly develops remastered games for Rockstar and is currently working on platform ports for the different GTA games.

Another clue comes from the Red Dead Online community who has noticed fewer and fewer updates to the game over the last year. So, this also suggests that the Red Dead team is working on something else, but this remains unconfirmed.

If any more rumors regarding a Red Dead Redemption remaster surface, you can bet EarlyGame will be on the case. At the moment we can only speculate, but remasters are huge paydays for devs and this is why we think a Red Dead Redemption remaster will eventually happen.

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