Remnant 2 Secret Classes: Every Hidden Archetype & How To Unlock Them

Remnant 2 gives players a few starting classes to pick from, but it also includes secret classes that have to be unlocked in-game. There are six of these "hidden Archetypes", and we've now found them all (to save you the trouble). In this article you can find the exact location of all six secret classes in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Secret Classes
She's no doubt on the lookout for Remnant 2's secret classes. | © Gearbox Publishing

Most of Remnant 2's best classes aren't actually available to pick at the beginning of the game. Instead, you need to unlock them as you play. Some are much easier and can be unlocked in only a few minutes, while other classes will require you to progress quite deep into the game.

The secret classes are: Alchemist, Engineer, Explorer, Gunslinger, and Summoner. We have provided a guide on how to unlock each of these secret classes in Remnant 2 below. We hope you find it useful.

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Remnant 2 Secret Classes

How To Unlock The Alchemist

To unlock the Alchemist you will need to be in the Losomn world, and specifically, the Morrow Parish. You can re-roll your campaign until you get that start or play the game until you get there organically. Once you are in Morrow Parish in the Losomn world, follow these steps:

  1. Run around the slums until you find sewer grates (there are hundreds to find in this part of the map).
  2. Stand near the sewer grates until a monster grabs you. If this doesn't happen after a few minutes of waiting, run around until you find a new sewer to stand next to.
  3. Let the monster take snatch you - don't move or attack. You will be taken to its lair.
  4. Now you can fight the monster, the Albino Bone Collector.
  5. Kill it and loot the "Mysterious Stone" from its corpse.
  6. Take this to Wallace in Ward 13 and you can now craft the Philosopher's Stone.

Use that stone to switch to the Alchemist class.

How To Unlock The Engineer

To unlock the Engineer go to the N'erud world, and then to the second region of N'erud you get (which will either be Timeless Horizon or the Eon Vault). Once you are in either the Timeless Horizon or the Eon Vault do the following:

  1. Walk around the edges of the map (through the poisonous fog) until you find a dead body. To avoid dying from the fog, and make sure to take Purified Salve.
  2. The dead body will be next to a ledge, jump down off the ledge.
  3. An item called the Alien Device will be at the bottom.
  4. Take this to Wallace in Ward 13 and you can now craft the Dryzr Caliper Engram.

The Dryzr Caliper Engram can be used to switch to Engineer.

Luckily, we don't have to deal with this in Remnant 2:

How To Unlock The Explorer

This one is the easiest Remnant 2 hidden class to unlock:

  1. Kill the final boss.
  2. Receive Broken Compass.
  3. Take the Broken Compass to Wallace in Ward 13, and he can now craft you the Golden Compass.

Use the Golden Compass to change class to Explorer.

How To Unlock The Gunslinger

If you pre-ordered the game you already have the Gunslinger unlocked, you can just pick this class as soon as you finish the prologue and talk to Wallace. But if you didn't pre-order the game, do the following:

  1. Complete two worlds/biomes.
  2. Talk to Mudtooth in Ward 13 and completely exhaust all of his dialogue options.
  3. He will give you the Worn Cylinder item.
  4. Take the Worn Cylinder to Wallace, you can now craft the Iron Cylinder.

This Iron Cylinder Engram now allows you to pick Gunslinger whenever you change class.

Remnant 2 Secret Classes Gunslinger Location
The Gunslinger is one of the easier secret classes to unlock. | © Gearbox Publishing

How To Unlock The Summoner

The Summoner is one of the easier ones. You need to get a Faded Grimoire for Wallace, and you can simply buy it from the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha. Here's a more exact guide:

  1. Go to Yaesha.
  2. Wait until the Bloodmoon phase begins and shoot the pink orbs (called Wisps) that appear in the air. They drop Bloodmoon Essence when they die.
  3. Kill enough Wisps to get 15 Bloodmoon Essence.
  4. Go to the Bloodmoon Altar and buy the Faded Grimoire for Bloodmoon Essence.
  5. Take the Faded Grimoire to Wallace, he will now be able to craft the Tome of the Bringer Engram.

You can now select Summoner whenever you want to change class.

Remnant 2 Secret Classes Summoner Location
The Summoner is one of Remnant 2's secret classes, though it's sadly quite undewhelming. | © Gearbox Publishing

And that, fellow Remnant 2 secret class-enjoyers, was your complete guide to unlocking all the hidden Archetypes. We hope that you unlocked the perfect class for you.

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