Remnant 2 Beginner's Guide: 4 Tips You Don't Want To Miss

If you want some helpful tips for your journey in Remnant 2, don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll save you some time and reveal a few secrets everyone should know.

Remnant 2 Beginners Guide
Remnant 2: Beginner's guide with valuable tips. | © Gearbox Publishing

Remnant 2 is the sequel of the unique third-person shooter souls-like Remnant: From the Ashes. It doesn't matter if you're a newcomer to the game and feel a little bit overwhelmed or a veteran player needing a few tips for the best possible start.

In this beginner's guide, we provide you with valuable tips for your journey and save you some time. Let's get started!

Remnant 2: The Best Beginner Tips

  1. Level Scaling
  2. Farming Scraps
  3. Best Early Weapon
  4. General Puzzle Tip

1. Level Scaling

Remnant 2 Level Cap
Remnant 2: The level scaling system is determined by different things. | © Gearbox Publishing

In Remnant 2's scaling system, several factors play an important role. The level of the randomly generated areas you enter are determined by your own Power Level. Your weapons, Archetype level and newly discovered areas all add multiple levels to your Power Level.

With that being said, each boss has their own minimum average Power Level. And this can't be changed, even though you might be carrying under-leveled weapons with you. For example:

  • Your Level is 15, the Boss is also 15
  • Your Level is 10, the Boss is also 10 (now his minimum level)
  • Your Level drops to 8 because of some changes in gear, the Boss however will remain at 10 as his minimum level isn't affected by your gear anymore

This mechanic ensures some of the early bosses don't end up feeling like a joke to you.

2. Farming Scraps

Remnant 2 Adventure Mode
Remnant 2: The adventure mode marks the perfect spot farming the currency scrap. | © Gearbox Publishing

Scrap is one of the most valuable resources in the whole game, and you won't ever have enough to buy everything you want. You need this currency for upgrading your weapon and unlocking new Archetypes – which can be rather expensive, but still essential to power yourself up.

Take full advantage of the Adventure Mode after completing your first biome. Restarting this biome gives you the opportunity of experiencing everything you've missed, find +1 upgraded weapons from those previously found and get a lot of scrap.

  • Play Adventure Mode to have a x5 scrap drop rate from previously 8 scraps up to 30-40 scrap drops
  • Finding other items than weapons grants you 250 - 500 scrap instead of a double

Replaying the first major biome of the game will earn you around 4,300 scrap per run. With the amulet "Scavenger's Bauble" you'll drop even more scrap, as the effect grants you a bonus of 50% scrap drop.

3. Best Early Weapon

Remnant 2 SMG MP60 R
Remnant 2: The game give this best early game weapon almost for free in the main hub. | © Gearbox Publishing

Getting your hands on some decent weapons early isn't just wishful thinking. The developers hid a strong side-arm SMG in the earliest part of the game, and it can be acquired almost right away.

In the main hub area on Earth, called Ward 13, there's a locked chest. To open it, you need a code, which you can find by inspecting your flashlightor just take this code from us "0-4-1-5". Inside the chest, there's a key that unlocks a door hidden behind shipping containers at the docks.

If the gates leading to the shipping containers are still closed, you have to progress a bit further in the main story. Eventually, those gates will open, and you'll be able to reach the locked door with the SMG MP60-R inside.

4. General Puzzle Tip

Remnant 2 Puzzle
Remnant 2: Some puzzles needs some area progression in order to be solvable | © Gearbox Publishing

Remnant 2 is filled with a variety of challenging puzzles. Some are solved within a couple of minutes and others takes a while or sometimes gives you the feeling they aren't even possible at the moment?

Actually, that's the case! Some puzzles require you to progress in the area before you can solve them. These puzzles have specific conditions that need to be met for you to find a solution. If you leave them be for a while and come back later after progressing in the world, the previously unsolvable puzzle might become a walk into the park.

With that being said, we wish you the best time with Remnant 2. Here are some other guides that might prove useful to you!

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