Repair Your Best Weapons In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Easily With This Trick

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a simple trick to repair your weapons and shields, and it's free! But you'll need unexpected help.

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You can repair your best weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom super quick with one simple trick. | © Nintendo via EarlyGame

The durability of weapons and shields was already debatable in Breath of the Wild, and has now been resumed in Tears of the Kingdom. However, the Fuse option has changed things a bit, although the basic fact remains: sooner or later, weapons and shields break, even the iconic Hylian Shield. To prevent this from happening, here's a trick for you:

The Best Way To Repair Weapons In Zelda: TotK

The Twitter user TristanACooper has found and shared a simple method to repair your weapons and give them a buff on top. All you need is a helpful enemy: the Octorok. Their annoying habit of vacuuming up your weapons actually ends up being less annoying than it seems. As soon as they spit them out again (and you better dodge them when it does that), they are completely repaired and usually even got a stat buff.

Just put the weapon or shield you need to be repaired on the ground and take a few steps back and dodge or block them, as soon as he spits them back at you. Once you pick your gear back up, you'll notice that the friendly Octorok not only repaired it but also added a random attribute, like higher damage or durability, to it.

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Zelda totk octorok
These fellas can become valuable assistants. | © Nintendo via EarlyGame

You'll find Octoroks in the northeast part of the map, more specifically in Eldin, near Goronia. For further information, you can take a look at this interactive map for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But don't get too cocky and rely on the Octoroks! It doesn't work with all equipment, the weapons you unlocked via Amiibo figures are excluded, for example.

It's a relief to know you can repair most of your precious weapons and shields, isn't it? Now you can travel and deafeat your enemies (except for Octoroks of course) a little bit more easily.

If you're often cruising and flying around with the new vehicles, this might come in handy:

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