Resident Evil 9 Details Just Leaked Online

An anonymous leak has already provided details on Resident Evil 9. We haven't got the full scoop yet, but they certainly gave us enough info to get excited about.

Resident evil 9
Will it be the scariest RE yet? | © Capcom

A leaker has come forth with what they claim are details regarding Resident Evil 9. You could just dismiss the leak, but everything they mention sounds so damn spot on for a Resident Evil game. We were able to screencap the leak before it was DMCA'd, check it out and judge for yourself.

Resident Evil 9 Details Leaked

An anonymous leaker has come forward with details regarding Resident Evil 9, which will apparently be called RE: Apocalypse. They claimed that the game would be set in a small rural town surrounded by ancient woods, and the monsters we fight will be pagan-style mythical beasts from this forest.

It sounds like a strong idea for a Resident Evil game, and the forests sound scary enough to get players traumatized again. But we'll see how fans respond to the RE 4 remake first, maybe folks are too burned out on horror right now?

You can still access a screencap of the leak, but here's what they wrote in case it gets removed soon:
> Working title - "Resident Evil Apocalypse"
> Setting: ghost town in the west where a certain investigation will take place.
> One of the early bosses is "Barghest". It's a "giant black dog with a twist", but less intelligent compared to other monsters.
> One of the main antagonist will be a woman named "Glaistig" by the locals. She has a really beautiful design with green+gold ornaments and mourning green gown.
> The player will receive help from a woman/bioweapon named "Hulder". She'll serve as a guide through the forest, tell you some of the town's history when you show her some treasures/keys/puzzle pieces you find along the way. She also will teach the player different herb combinations (there'll be 7 herb types which can be combined with each other to achieve various effects). The monsters fear this woman just as they fear and respect "Glaistig" and won't come close (this serves as an explanation why they can't enter save zones/rooms).
> The plot will be about "9th Moon Phase" and the nickname "Apocalypse" came from that idea. The moon serves as this game's symbol and probably appear on a logo.

So, Resident Evil 9 will see us wandering through forests in the back-country. Does that hit your fear receptors just right? Or is that sounding like a snooze-fest?

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