Rockstar Employee Leaks Red Dead Redemption 3

An employee from Rockstar Games might have just leaked Red Dead Redemption 3. Could this really be true?

Hey Rockstar, you see how many people want to know more about Red Dead Redemption 3 right? Hell, even the EarlyGame bosses are out here begging me to find info about your game, so much so that I had to dig through the dirtiest of dirt holes just to find this tiny breadcrumb. It would be really great if you could just release something so that I can write more about why Dragon Age 4 will be amazing. Thanks. Now, back to the reason YOU'RE here.

Red Dead Redemption 3 has been talked about before, but it hasn't actually been confirmed yet by Rockstar Games... until a sneaky employee posted this in his LinkedIn bio:

Linked in rockstar
Impressive career path. | © LinkedIn

Now, the thing is, all the websites that have reported on this have failed to say who the employee is. Unlike me. I did my 5-minute research (boohoo to all of you who didn't) and found the employee. Who has now, very mysteriously, changed his bio to this all of a sudden:

Linked in rockstar 2
Hm... interesting. Why would you change that? | © LinkedIn

The very last sentence of this screenshot is what you need to look at. While in the first screenshot it says "Two years experience leading vehicle AI team through development of RDR3 and other projects", the second screenshot in his current bio all of a sudden says RDR2.

When this first came out, people on reddit were quick to jump in and say that RDR3 was the internal name for RDR2. This could, of course, still be the case, only that he now changed it to the official name that we are used to because people found his LinkedIn and reported on it.

Or, the option that we would hope is true, Red Dead Redemption 3 is currently in development.

Take this with all the pinches of salt you want, because he might have just made a typo and wrote 3 instead of 2, but I want to believe in RDR3 getting announced real soon. Would be nice if it came before GTA 6 because honestly f that, after the GTA trilogy remaster debacle.