Saints Row: Release Date, Platforms, Co-Op & More

Saints row release date platforms co op
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Gamescom 2021 is over, and we’re going to go over all the games that got their moment in the limelight, starting with the new Saints Row, simply called Saints Row. Here is everything you need to know about Saints Row: Release Date, platforms, co-op & more.

Gamescom 2021 started off great, everyone was excited, everyone was ready. We’re going to ignore how horrible it got towards the end, because Saints Row was shown early on and here, we’ll focus on that game. I’m sure that got you riled up, huh?

Anyway, you’re here for details, and details I shall give you. But in case you missed the Gamescom 2021 last night and want to watch the Saints Row trailer, here it is:

When Is The Saints Row Release Date?

Saints Row will release on February 25th, 2022. If you stick around our gaming section today and read all the other game announcement articles, you will notice just how many games will come out in February next year. Better get your wallets ready…

Is Saints Row Co-Op?

Yes, Saints Row is co-op and was actually designed to be four-player co-op, with four playable characters called Eli, Kevin, Neenah and The Boss. Whether there will be more game modes like a single player campaign or multiplayer is not yet known, but once we know, we will update this article and let you know. One thing we do know, though, is that Saints Row will have character customization. Whether that means that you will replace one of the characters above and take their role is currently unknown, though. Or maybe this means that there will indeed be a singleplayer campaign. Questions, questions.

Which Platforms will Saints Row Release On?

Saints Row will be cross-platform, which is actually super important when playing co-op. It will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. So even if your buddy that you want to play Saints Row with was not lucky in acquiring a PS5, you can still play together.

Saints Row will be set in the fictional city of Santa Ileso and you will be fighting three gangs, rising to the top through grinding and hustling.

If you’ve never played Saints Row before, you can currently get Saints Row: The Third Remastered for free on the Epic Games store (before September 2). That way, you can test out Saints Row before spending a ton of money on the new Saints Row. Win-win situation.

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