Sons of the Forest: Release Success

In Sons of the Forest your main objective is to fight for survival. As you find yourself trapped on a secluded island, you must defend yourself against waves of monsters while also uncovering the secrets lurking in the depths of the forest.

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Fight to survive and watch your back... | © Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest, which was released on Steam in an early access state, has exceeded all expectations by achieving astounding numbers in just 24 hours.

The promotional material for Sons of the Forest, including concept art, trailers, and screenshots, makes it clear that this game is not for those who are easily scared.

The game features gruesome and disturbing elements, such as characters wearing skinned heads as masks and mounting decapitated bodies on spikes. Players will also face bloodthirsty cannibals and navigate a hostile environment with limited resources.

Endnight Games, the developer of Sons of The Forest, has recently taken to Twitter to confirm the game's immense popularity, which was easily predictable. Not only that, but Sons of the Forest has logged a peak viewership on Twitch of 769,000 viewers, beating peak records set by Modern Warfare II, Apex Legends and Overwatch 2.

In one of its infrequent social media updates, the developer announced that within the first 24 hours of release, a staggering 2 million units had been sold, indicating the game's massive following.

The First Few Days

Despite being a PC exclusive, Sons of the Forest has launched in a remarkably impressive state, garnering massive attention and sales numbers.

Endnight Games, the developer behind the game, has come a long way since the development of The Forest in 2014. By expanding their team and resources, they have been able to create a much larger map, introduce more complex mechanics, and implement an AI companion system in Sons of the Forest.

In fact, the game's launch was so popular that it caused Steam's launcher to crash due to the high number of players attempting to download the game simultaneously. Currently, Sons of the Forest is the top-selling game on Steam, which is not surprising given its massive popularity.

While it is likely that the game will experience a decrease in player numbers in the coming days, the initial launch period for Sons of the Forest and Endnight Games has been undeniably remarkable.

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