Steam Is Down – Sons Of The Forest Releases And Immediately Breaks The Platform

Sons of the Forest just got released for early access and already surpassed the 200,000 player mark on Steam.

Sons of the forest
Sons of the Forest got released and it's already platform breaking | © Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is the second approach to Endnight Games', the Forest. It is an open world survival horror simulator, that includes some really great co-op mechanics. It's like 7 Days To Die with Ark's crafting function and better graphics. The recent early access release on Steam was a huge success and reached over 200,000 players superfast. The rush to play this game was big enough to crash Steam.

The fact that the launch of Hogwarts Legacy went like clockwork, but Steam couldn't handle the release of this indie game makes absolutely no sense. But it does show us that this game was obviously eagerly awaited.

Sons Of The Forest Release Causes Steam To Go Down

Unexpected, yet impressive. The early access release of Sons of the Forest has brought such a big rush of players that it has downed steam.

In Sons of the Forest you find yourself on an isolated island, on a mission to find a missing billionaire. But to your misfortune you find yourself in the middle of a band of cannibals! You need to fight for survival, craft tools, build a shelter for protection, and, ultimately, avoid the cannibals.

The game is now available for $30. Although it is still in early access, and therefore still has some performance issues and minor flaws that Endnight Games will fix within the next 6 to 8 months.

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