Mortal Kombat 12 Accidentally Confirmed During Warner Bros Earnings Call

Warner Bros accidentally just confirmed Mortal Kombat 12 during an earnings call. Better yet, they then gave away the release date!

Mortal Kombat 12
Mortal Kombat 12 has been confirmed! | © Warner Bros

Mortal Kombat 12 has now officially been confirmed! Hoorah. This is a great little story. A simple corporate blunder, and now we can all sleep easy at night knowing more Mortal Kombat is on the way.

Mortal Kombat 12 Confirmed, Release Date This Year

During a recent Warner Bros earning call Mortal Kombat was accidentally confirmed, and it was listed among games coming out this year, so we know it's a 2023 release. Here's a clip of the blunder:

To quote Bob Ross, this was just a happy little accident. No harm was done, and now Mortal Kombat fans can start getting excited about the release. It also confirms a previous rumor regarding Mortal Kombat 12, so it wasn't like this game is completely unexpected.

We really think Mortal Kombat will be solid, and we're hoping it can be a rebound for the fighting genre (which is especially important after the recent Fighting/Battle Royale experiment failed). We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything else.

Mortal Kombat 12 is going up against serious competition this year...

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