Sons of the Forest: Tips For Survival

If you are looking for survival tips for Sons of the Forest, then you're in the right place!

Sons of the forest 2
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Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the popular indie game The Forest, is finally here. Similar to its predecessor, players must strive to survive on a desolate island. However, there is a twist - you are not the only inhabitant. Hostile mutants reside in the forest, with the intent of ending your life.

The game boasts several new features, including larger and more frightening monsters, updated mechanics, a fresh world to explore, and the added bonus of NPC companions to aid players in their quest to stay alive.

As a successor to the critically acclaimed original, Sons of the Forest is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, particularly for fans of horror-tinged survival games.

Tips For Survival

Surviving on a treacherous island can be quite challenging, especially in the sequel to the game we all know as The Forest. Making mistakes can prove costly and put you in a tough spot.

Below, we share some of our best tips, tricks, and essential hacks to maximize your chances of survival on the island. So without further delay, let's get started!

  1. Firstly, you don't want to waste your medication on healing yourself. Instead, try to eat as much food as possible. The easiest way to replenish your health is by catching fish and eating them raw, which is quite easy to do. If you're not confident in your fishing skills, ask your companion Kelvin for help. He's pretty good at it, and he'll catch some fish for you in no time. This way, you can focus on other tasks.
  2. Your companion Kelvin is also great at fetching things for you. However, instead of asking him to drop things on the ground, you can craft containers to collect all the items he gathers for you. This way, you won't have to worry about losing anything important.
  3. Even if your food has gone bad, don't throw it away. You can still cook it and make it into a delicious meal. Rotten fish meat and spoiled body parts can be surprisingly tasty. Just be careful not to overdo it.
  4. When you defeat cannibals in the forest, don't leave their bodies behind. Instead, bring them to a campfire. If you leave them there for a while, you'll receive bones and skills in return, which can be useful for armor crafting. You can even skin pill cannibals for extra armor.
  5. It's possible to combine different types of armor together. Make sure to equip as much armor as possible to increase your survival capabilities. Aim for the head when shooting arrows at enemies, as it's more effective than shooting their bodies. If you miss a shot, you can retrieve the arrow later.
  6. There are numerous areas of Refuge that you can search through, so make sure to collect everything you find. These locations represent where you have landed, so be cautious about where you establish your base. It is not advisable to set up in the snow or near a path at. Look for a nearby water source and gather resources like trees and plants. Players should keep track of what they find and where they find it to return later for collection.
  7. It is crucial to remember the location of resources you need to build something, such as a healing herb. A shelter is vital, but it is also helpful to fortify it with walls and perimeter defenses. The game focuses more on building than forest exploration, so players should investigate ways to make their structures durable, sturdy, and more secure.
  8. Players should hold onto their ammunition, as there are crates of it available. It's unnecessary to use an entire clip on a single target like a turtle. Also, it's wise to avoid frequently traveled paths on the island, keep a safe distance, and observe before engaging other characters. They will be more prepared for your attack than you are for their defense.
  9. It's essential to help Calvin early on and not leave him behind at the crash site (he is a bit clumsy).
  10. If you're starting out fresh, I wouldn't advise skipping the seasons. As you progress deeper into your playthrough, the enemies become tougher and stronger. Eventually, more cave-dwelling cannibals will start roaming the surface.
  11. If you play multiplayer, you can obtain multiple skins from cave dwellers, fingers, and deer by having all players use the "cut skin" action at the same time. However, if only one player skins the creature, nobody else can harvest it after the animation finishes. This is worth noting to maximize your resources.
  12. Once you build a high affinity with Virginia in the game, you can place a GPS tracker on her, which will earn you an achievement as well.
  13. The zipline is a useful tool for transporting logs up and down in the game.
  14. There are two things you should prioritize acquiring: either the large or modern ax and a winter coat. The large ax will enable you to cut down trees more efficiently and protect yourself better. It can quickly dismember enemies with just one or two blows, and can be found in a particular spot on the map. Meanwhile, the winter coat is essential to be ready for the quick onset of winter, and can be found in another location on the map.
  15. Ensure that you keep your food and water levels high, as low levels can cause you to quickly become tired and lose stamina.

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