Splitgate: Full Version Releases Today at 12PM PT!

It's coming guys. Only a few more hours! | © Splitgate

Splitgate is slowly becoming the hit of the year. The arena shooter, which simply combines everything that shooter lovers want, is going straight through the roof. Now the developers at splitgate announced, something big is coming at 12PM PT. Servers are down. Is it the full version release?

Halo meets Portal. That's what everyone seemed to want, but didn't know. Splitgate, the free-to-play shooter hit of the year has now cracked the 10 million download mark. Now, surprisingly, the servers have been shut down. Things are heating up on the Splitgate Twitter account. What is going on there? Everywhere you see 12 Noon PT. All info here!

Splitgate: Full Version Releases Today, 12PM PT

It simply has to be! The full version is on its way. The Splitgate downloads and player numbers have exceeded all expectations. The beta has already been extended after the incredible success. The full version was supposed to be released, but the servers had to be upgraded. To ensure a smooth release, Splitgate bought some more time and gave us some at the same time.

But now, all of a sudden, the servers are down, and this message appeared on Twitter:

The community is trying to tease more out of the developers. They only respond with memes and GIFs, but these are already quite clear and downright provocative.

Such a message and such a long down phase of the servers. Splitgate would not just cut its own flesh like that. Everyone is hyped and knows what's coming. At 12 Noon PT, the servers will go live again. Only this time, the beta will be over, and we can log into the full version. NICE! Oh and btw, 12 Noon PT is 9PM CEST.

Are you going to play Splitgate or have you already joined? Do you think the servers can handle the rush of players? Discuss with us on our EarlyGame Discord!

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