After Final Fantasy Success: Square Enix Is Bringing Back More Classics

Square Enix teased that they're considering several ideas for remasters after being asked about a Xenogears remake.

Square enix remasters
Square Enix is teasing more remasters after Final Fantasy. | © Square Enix

Square Enix achieves great success with their remasters. Final Fantasy 7 was fantastic. And the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is also loved by many. Surely we can expect that these are not the last re-releases by Square Enix. During a Q&A at the last shareholders meeting, they were asked about upcoming remakes, and here is what they answered.

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Square Enix Teases More Remakes/Remasters Like Final Fantasy

The 43rd Annual Shareholders' Meeting for Square Enix happened in Tokyo on June 23. During the event, there was a Q&A session with shareholders and directors. One person asked about remaking older games, specifically mentioning a desire for a Xenogears remaster. Square Enix's response was quite promising, suggesting that there may be some exciting announcements in the future.

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Final fantasy 7 remake
Are more Square Enix remakes and remasters coming? | © Square Enix


Are there plans to remaster other past titles? Personally, I would like to play “Xenogears.”


We will refrain from sharing information about new titles, but we are considering various
ideas within the Company and hope that you will look forward to forthcoming

Although Square Enix didn't drop any names, they also didn't hold back on hinting that something is indeed planned for the future. What do you think these "upcoming announcements" might be? Perhaps the long-awaited Final Fantasy IX remake? Or maybe it really will be Xenogears?

Whatever it is, since Square Enix has never disappointed us with its remasters, we're excited to see what's in store for the future.

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