Knights of the Old Republic Is Coming to the Switch

Star wars knights of the old republic kotor nintendo switch
The Nintendo Switch is getting a true classic with Knights of the Old Republic. | © BioWare

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is getting a remake for PS5 and PC, that is still years away. Much sooner than that, the Nintendo Switch will get a port of the original KOTOR.

Star Wars is keeping busy right now with releases left and right, and, most importantly, the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic for PS5 and PC:

Now, another Star Wars release was announced: The original Knights of the Old Republic is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Knights of the Old Republic for Nintendo Switch

The game will be released rather soon, on November 11, and you can already pre-order the game now. Not much is known about this port and how it will differ from the mobile version. All we know is that the port is being handled by Aspyr:

Going by the trailer, this really does look like a faithful and straight-up port, which is not trying to reinvent the wheel by any means:

If you never played Knights of the Old Republic, then let me tell you: This is one of the finest RPGs out there. Regardless of whether you are a big Star Wars fan or not, this game slaps. I mean, there's a reason it's getting a remake for PS5 and PC and why it was ported to mobile and is now coming to Nintendo. Knights of the Old Republic is a straight-up classic and Baby Jesus bless BioWare for this masterpiece.

Here's an old review of the original game to give you an idea of what you'll be getting with the Nintendo Switch port:

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