Starfield: Armor Crafting Guide

When you go off exploring the worlds of Starfield, don't forget your armor! Here is a guide on how to craft armor in Starfield.

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The ultimate guide on how to craft armor in Starfield. | © Bethesda

Starfield will be a great game for crafting. And one of the most important types of things to craft will be armor, which is as important as weaponry in Starfield. This guide will help you make armor to protect yourself. Enjoy!

How To Craft Armor In Starfield

When you travel to new planets in Starfield, you need to be ready for enemies, but also for harsh environmental conditions. So, you need armor almost immediately when you start playing.

The important thing is to make sure you have the right type of armor for each environment / enemy type. Let's start by looking at the different types of resistances available via armor.

Protection Types

Different types of armor protect you from different dangers.

  • Electromagnetic: Protects you from magnetic weapons.
  • Energy: Keeps you safe from energy weapons.
  • Physical: Guards you against ballistic weapons.
  • Environmental Protection:
    • Airborne: Protects from things in the air.
    • Corrosive: Shields from corrosive materials.
    • Radiation: Guards against radiation.
    • Thermal: Keeps you safe from extreme heat or cold

How To Make Armor

You craft armor in research laboratories, all you need is the recipe for the armor and the resources. Find armor recipes on planets, as rewards, or buy them in cities. And find resources naturally on planets.

You can also just find armor by searching bodies, chests, and lockers. Classic looting.

Can Companions Wear Armor?

Yes, and your companions will be much stronger with armor. This is like other games by Bethesda, that allow you to give armor to your companions to help them fight.

Starfield also has a new feature where you can have a crew. If they fight with you, you might be able to customize their armor too, but we haven't had any confirmation on this. You can do this in the research lab through armor crafting.

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