How To Fast Travel In Starfield

If you want to know how you can fast travel in Starfield, here is a quick and easy guide for you!

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Here is how to fast travel in Starfield. | © Bethesda

Starfield is set in space and has lots of different planets to explore. Fast travel is therefore a very important tool in the game that helps you get around quickly. This guide will show you how to use fast travel in Starfield.

Fast travel is like teleportation. If walking a long way seems too difficult, fast travel makes it much easier.

Depending on where you are and where you want to go, fast travel will work a little bit differently.

Starfield: How to Use Fast Travel

Fast Travel On A Planet

Using fast travel to go from one place on a planet to the next is pretty simple.

  • Go to a Place: Before you can fast travel anywhere on a planet, you'll have to go to the place you want to travel to, first. You can either walk there or use a jetpack to fly around.
  • Open the Map: Look at the map in the game. It will show you all the places you've been to and the ones you haven't.
  • Pick a Place: Move the cursor on the map to the place where you want to go to. It could be a town, city, or special place.
  • Choose Fast Travel: Select the option for fast travel. It's like clicking a button.
  • Travel: Once you've selected fast travel, you'll quickly appear in the new location. Sometimes you may see a loading screen while the game sets everything up.

If you're on a planet that doesn't have any named places, you can use fast travel to get to your ship by doing the same thing. Simply select your ship icon on the map, then select Fast Travel.

Fast Travel To Another Planet or Star System

Starfield Ship Takeoff
3, 2, 1, blastoff! Get to your next destination faster than the speed of light with fast travel in Starfield! | © Bethesda / screenshot

If you're looking to use fast travel to get from one planet to another, you can simply skip the first step from before.

You don't need to have been on a specific planet before you can fast travel to it. If you've been to a system anywhere near it, then you should be able to fast travel there.

There are some things you need to look out for when fast traveling to a different planet or star system:

  • Undock: Make sure your ship is undocked before you attempt to fast travel, otherwise it won't be able to grav jump.
  • Fuel storage: Make sure you have enough fuel storage to travel to your next destination, otherwise your ship might not be able to make the trip in one grav jump. Instead, you'll have to jump from one waypoint to the next, waiting for your fuel to refill each time. So, make sure your ship has all the necessary upgrades before embarking to a far away planet!

Fast Travel To A Mission

Similarly to travelling to a new planet, you don't need to have been where your quest takes place. If you want to go to where your quest needs you to be, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your missions: Open up the menu and select the missions tab. Choose which mission you want to travel to.
  • Set course: Once you've selected the mission destination you want to travel to, all you have to do is: Set Course!

Remember, this guide might change as we learn more about the game. Have fun exploring the universe in Starfield! 🚀

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