Starfield: Download Size Revealed – Even Skyrim Looks Tiny Now

The Starfield download size was revealed, showing that this is not only one of the most anticipated games of the year, but also one of the biggest ones. But how much space do you have to make on your hard drive.

Starfield rumored xbox exclusive
Starfield's download size is huuuge | ©Bethesda

The upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield is one of the biggest games of the year in terms of anticipation and expectation, and from a storage point of view as well. So, every fan should plan to make some space on their hard drives.

Starfield: Massive Download Size Revealed

Bethesda games are known for their massive size. Massive worlds, hundreds of characters, tons of factions and mechanics. The upcoming Starfield will also have a massive size, from an in-game perspective and in terms of download size. Cause Starfield will be huge, even Skyrim pales in comparison.

According to the Steam Store, the Skyrim Special Edition needs 12 GB of available space and Fallout 4 needs 30 GB. Well, the size of Starfield nearly quadruples the one of Fallout 4. For Starfield you're gonna need 125GB of free space on your hard drive.

And you might need even more, since there could be additional patches or updates before the game launches. So keep an eye on the store description and be prepared to free up even more space.

Starfield 3
Starfield will be huge. | © Bethesda

The size kinda makes sense, since Todd Howard promises nearly 1000 planets, massive civilizations, and a ton of other content. And it's still smaller than some Call of Duty games in the last years, and they don't promise a whole galaxy to travel through.

It will be interesting to see how many players will be able to even play the game. The game's demands are high, and the download size might be one of the smallest problems.

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