Drugs Are Going To Be Big Thing In Starfield – Age Rating Revealed

Drugs are coming to Starfield! And, the drug abuse is apparently so prevalent that the Australian board for age-rating games have announced it will receive an 18+ certificate.

Drugs In Starfield
Drugs are coming to Starfield! | © Bethesda

Starfield is fast approaching release, and it's sounding more and more like it will be able to fill the Bethesda-shaped hole in our lives (at least until we get Elder Scrolls 6). But as this is a sci-fi RPG, which looks a lot less "gritty" than many previous Bethesda titles, you might have assumed they were aiming for a 16+ age rating, or maybe even just 12+.

But no, Starfield is apparently going to be every bit as dark as Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Or, at least, we know we're going to be able to take recreational drugs (and probably sell them).

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Starfield Get's 18+ Rating For Drugs

The Australian Classification Board have rated Starfield an 18+ for drug abuse. They also noted serious violence in the game, as well as bad language and very mild nudity. But, perhaps sadly for some, there's no sex.

Here is the complete review of offensive content:

Australian Rating Stasrfiled
No sex, but lots of drugs. | © Australian Classification Board

Is this surprising? No, not really. Even though Xbox have bought Bethesda, they clearly aren't planning to influence or censor the studio. In fact, having recreational drugs in the game is exactly what we should expect from Bethesda. Let's not forget that in Fallout 4 there was literally a drug addict in Vault 81 who you could sell Jet to for an extortionate price, Bobby De Luca (Jet was the game's version of meth, basically).

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Starfield isn't the only awesome game coming out this year:

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