Bethesda Is Working on Multiple Disney Games

We knew Bethesda is working on an Indiana Jones game, but it turns out that they are working on more Disney games for the Xbox.

Bethesda Disney
The Mandalorian is owned by Disney. Just saying... | © Disney

I know it's not gonna be that type of game, but can we just take a moment to imagine a Mickey Mouse game in the style of the Elder Scrolls? Deep customization, a huge open-world. Can we picture a Disney world, filled with all its IPs, open for you to explore with that trademark Bethesda freedom-gameplay. Can we have a moment to envision a Disney game set to the dark, mature themes Bethesda is known for?

Bethesda Is Working on Disney Games

None of the above is gonna happen, but it could, because it turns out that, aside from the Indiana Jones game, Bethesda is working on bringing more Disney IPs to the Xbox. And, it seems like we'll be getting a reveal soon, at the upcoming Xbox/Bethesda showcase in June.

Of course, Disney has more than just the classic Disney IPs. Some of the franchises Disney owns are much more suited to the Bethesda-RPG treatment and just as exciting to think about: Marvel and Star Wars come to mind. Also, a Marvel game would be quite something, considering that, so far, PlayStation has the monopoly on quality Marvel games.

Whatever the case may be, there is no reason to speculate all that much, since the Bethesda/Xbox showcase is not far away, and should provide us with the answers we're looking for. Meanwhile, Imma keep dreaming about slaying dragons with Goofy. Let me do my thing.