Bethesda Are Working On A New Indiana Jones Game!

New indiana jones game machinegames
Bethesda have announced a new Indiana Jones Game! (Credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda have dropped some big news this afternoon: they are developing a new Indiana Jones Game! Not much is known yet, but you can read everything that we know here on EarlyGame!

There will be a new Indiana Jones Game. For many of you, this might not be such big news. Indiana Jones and videogames? Not the most exciting constellation, right? Well... there are a few reasons why we are MASSIVELY excited for this! After all, good ol' Indy did have some golden hours in the gaming business...

Indiana Jones
The fantastic adventure films offer more than enough source material for an exhilarating videogame! (Credit: LucasFilm)

First of all, there were some fantastic Indiana Jones games before. Like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis from 1992, one of the best Point&Click-Adventure-Games of all time! And don't forget the amazing Lego Indiana Jones games! But yes, there hasn't been too many great games with everybody's favorite archeologist. Until now! Hopefully...

Just like Fate of Atlantis, this new Indiana Jones game is going to be a completely new, original story. It is going to be developed by MachineGames, who are owned by Bethesda and are known for developing the amazing Wolfenstein games. This resume definitely has us excited! We don't know yet, what kind of game it's going to be, but considering that the Indiana Jones movies have been a massive influence on franchises like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, we wouldn't be too surprised if Bethesda and MachineGames would go in that direction.

Bethesda have also announced, that the new title will be executive produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with LucasfilmGames, the new games division of Lucasfilm. They also clarified, that there won't be not much more information on this new Indiana Jones game for quite a while. But for now we at least have a neat little teaser, that you can see here:


That's it on all the info we have so far. Are you as excited about this news as we are? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and our brand new Discord server. For more Gaming news, stay at EarlyGame!