Xbox Boss: Starfield WON'T Be Skyrim In Space

When we all saw Starfield, we collectively thought "Skyrim in space". And that's not a bad thing, but Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, keeps insisting it won't be like that.

Starfield not Skyrim
Is it wrong for me to want Skyrim in Space? | © Bethesda

Starfield is going to do well commercially no matter how good the finish product is (you can see what it currently looks like here). This is a massive RPG from Bethesda set in a compelling universe. But when push comes to shove, we're kind of all expecting Skyrim in space, right?

Skyrim is one of the most beloved games of all time, without question, so this wouldn't be a bad thing. But, for some unknown reason, the head of Xbox Game Studios keeps insisting that the game won't be like this at all...

Xbox Boss Insists That Starfield Is NOT Skyrim In Space

As he revealed on the Friends Per Second podcast, Xbox Game Studios' exec Matt Booty has spent time with Todd Howard, and he wants us all to know that Starfield is a new and separate product from Skyrim. As he explained:

“Having had the chance over the last year and a half or so to spend more time with Todd Howard and see how he works and see what he brings to game design, I’m confident he’s not going to sit still on what was built before. It’s just not his approach to come in and reskin something, right".

Obviously it will be hard for Bethesda to ever be thought of without Skyrim in mind, but that's not exactly a bad reputation. And if this genuinely is going in an entirely new direction, that might not be a bad thing. We'll stay tuned for more news from Bethesda.

If you're hyped for Starfield then we hope this news hasn't deflated your excitement. And if you've got a few more minutes on your hands, here's everything that we learned from the recent Starfield leaks.

You're going to drive yourself absolutely insane waiting for Starfield, so here are some nice cozy games to pass the time:

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