Leak: Starfield MMO in Development

A prolific leaker claims that Bethesda is working on Starfield Online, an MMORPG. Here's everything you need to know.
Starfield online mmorpg
10/10, super creative name. | © Bethesda

You know the drill: Take that salt, pinch a little of it, and sprinkle it all over this news piece, beause this one is as leaky as leaks gets. The only good thing about this leak is, that the leaker in question - Skullzi - has been right more often than not, so that gives this one a little credibility. Anyway, you saw it in the headline already, but I'll repeat it here: According to Skullzi, a Starfield MMO is in development:

Standalone Starfield MMORPG in Development

Of course, we're still waiting for Starfield to release, and we just got new screnshots, so it's a little bit weird to hear about a Starfield MMO already being in development. At the same time, though, if this Starfield MMO wants to release anytime close to Starfield, then... yeah, it should be in development now.

Skullzi doesn't give us much, he simply claims that Starfield 'Online' will be set 20 years before the single player game even takes place, and he also claims to have enough evidence to back his bold claim up.

At this point, all we can do is either believe him or not, but this revelation sure comes out of the blue. Skullzi claims he will back his claims up with a video later today, so... stay tuned for more.