New Screenshots Of Bethesda's Starfield Emerge

New images of Bethesda's upcoming Starfield have leaked online. They appear to be from an early build of the game, but they do give us a little more insight into the game's art style and theme.
Are you interested in a space-mining simulator? | © Bethesda

Obviously, we all want Bethesda to focus on Elder Scrolls 6 first and foremost. But they do have to work on other games, and Starfield is one of them. So far Starfield looks like a No-Man's Sky with NPCs and story. Well, we think so, we're not sure. The thing is we can't tell you exactly what this game is going to play like because Bethesda have given so little away.

Luckily, revealing new images of Starfield have emerged. They won't tell you as much about the game as a gameplay trailer would, but they're going to give you a sense of the overall aesthetic.

Screenshots Of Starfield

Screenshots of an early Starfield build were leaked in a recent Reddit post. The source was not revealed, but the photos are still available at the time of writing (April 4, 2022). You can see them below:

5 new leaked pictures from the 2018 build of Starfield from StarfieldAlliance

The images are of a space station on some distant planet. We also see a character, in full astronaut gear, wandering around the outside of the building. As we said, it's not much, but the images look crisp enough to have come from a new engine, and the art style looks decidedly less cartoony and more realistic than some might have expected. All in all, it looks like Starfield is in a promising state. Most fans of Bethesda probably would prefer a more serious sci-fi game to something wacky.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear more about Starfield. Until then, why not enjoy this year's Game of the Year?