Perfect Dark Reboot: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Guess what? We're getting another rebooted franchise with Perfect Dark. But we don't think you can even begin to comprehend how amazing this FPS game is going to be!
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Perfect Dark is coming back in 2023 | © The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics

Everyone has become accustomed to rebooted franchises in 2022. However, nobody could expect Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative would partner with Microsoft to relaunch Perfect Dark from the N64. It was an unexpected announcement that shocked the gaming industry, as twelve years have passed since this franchise was last approached.

Microsoft has guaranteed that Perfect Dark will be an exclusive title for the Xbox Series X/S and PC. Despite that, information regarding this upcoming game hasn’t been widely accessible. It appears that Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative are purposely keeping specific details from the public. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Microsoft keeps a level of discretion with their AAA+ titles.

Don’t worry; that doesn’t mean we haven’t located any information on this upcoming game. We’ve identified storyline details that should excite anyone with an Xbox Series X/S or PC. For instance, Perfect Dark is described as an ecological science-fiction thriller with FPS gameplay. Interesting right? It’s only the beginning of what this game has to offer. We’ll explain more throughout this guide and provide you with everything you’ll need to know about Perfect Dark.

Is Perfect Dark Coming Out In 2022?

Microsoft and The Initiative aren’t revealing the official launch date for Perfect Dark. Therefore, this game remains in development limbo for the foreseeable future. It’s estimated by inside sources that we’ll have Perfect Dark for Q3/Q4 2023. This estimation seems accurate because The Initiative would need three years to develop as a new studio. This means nobody should anticipate Perfect Dark for this upcoming holiday season.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Perfect Dark | All Leaks & Rumors

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Egypt becomes a massive focal point in the reboot for Perfect Dark | © The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics

There hasn’t been an official account of gameplay footage for Perfect Dark. As such, details regarding the capabilities players will have within this game are scarce. But we’ve learned about the storyline that Microsoft has constructed for their upcoming FPS, which indicates that we’ll be exploring an ecological science-fiction thriller in the near future.

Trailer footage showed an increasing number of storms, while an unknown man recounted the floods and famine throughout our upcoming world. This indicates that Perfect Dark focuses heavily on societal elements we see today, with climate change being a massive focus.

But where does the science fiction come in? With the involvement of two extraterrestrial species named the Maian and Skedar races. They’ve controlled the world’s two most prominent corporations for decades, resulting in humanity being enslaved through corporate greed for decades.

Players must eliminate these corporations before the increasing storms wreak havoc throughout Egypt. But how will we accomplish that goal? It isn’t known for now. Either way, we’re confident that Perfect Dark will provide an incredible gaming experience when it’s released in Q3/Q4 2023.

Who Is The Initiative?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about The Initiative. They’re an unknown developer that Microsoft founded before the Covid-19 pandemic and immediately positioned towards the development of Perfect Dark.

They’ve got an incredible collection of employees, including Game Director Daniel Neuburger, Lead Writer Cristine Thompson, and Cristian Contessa. These are a fantastic group of individuals that have worked on well-known franchises like Red Dead Redemption, Destiny 2, and Tomb Raider.

This means that Perfect Dark is being constructed by a trustworthy and reliable series of employees with The Initiative. We’re confident that Perfect Dark will become one of 2023’s highest-rated games with the Xbox Series X/S and PC. But we’ll need to see more before our opinions are cemented.

Is Perfect Dark Getting Released Onto PC And Xbox?

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Will Agent Dark go to space in her upcoming reboot? | © The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics

Didn’t you hear us? Perfect Dark is an exclusive game for the Xbox Series X/S and PC, meaning that you won’t have to worry about competing with anyone from the PlayStation 5. We’re hoping that Microsoft and The Initiative will launch three separate versions of Perfect Dark, with each variation providing an increased amount of content. But the prices between these three versions would differ substantially, and most gamers would choose to purchase the standard edition.

Is Perfect Dark Part Of The Game Pass On Xbox?

It’s guaranteed that we’ll have the opportunity to download Perfect Dark through the Xbox Game Pass at some point throughout the future. But don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, as this upcoming title doesn’t have an official release date.

It doesn’t matter when Perfect Dark is released, as there’s the possibility that Microsoft and The Initiative won’t allow their FPS title to launch on the Xbox Game Pass for a few months. This would mean anyone wanting to play this game immediately would need to purchase it upon launch.

Game Trailer

Microsoft showcased the announcement trailer for Perfect Dark at the 2020 Game Awards Show, and every moment was unforgettable. This upcoming title feels more like an expansive storyline set within a futuristic world than FPS, and that’s a good thing, as it’s resulted in millions getting excited about Perfect Dark. We’re confident that you’ll have a similar level of excitement when watching the trailer.

Game System Requirements

Are you someone that prefers gaming on the computer to a console? Then you’re probably wondering about the game system requirements for Perfect Dark. Unfortunately, we cannot inform you about which components will be needed for this upcoming game. Nvidia and AMD could release another series of GPUs before Perfect Dark is released.

We’re still estimating these system requirements posted below will be enough to manage the game, regardless of Microsoft’s recommended settings.

Minimum PC System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-Bit or Later)
CPUIntel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 3-1300
Storage SpaceTBC
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce 2060 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
Video MemoryDirectX - Version 12
Graphics DriverTBC

Recommended PC System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-Bit or Later)
CPUIntel Core i9-12900T / AMD Ryzen 5900


Storage SpaceTBC
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce 3060 Ti / AMD RX 6600 XT
Video MemoryDirect X - Version 12
Graphics DriverTBC