Perfect Dark Release Date Leaked

We finally got some news on Perfect Dark, or, more specifically, we finally have an idea of when we can expect Perfect Dark to be released.

Perfect dark release date
When? When? Just tell me when. | © Perfect Dark

Alright, so this is the one I've been waiting for since my N64 days. This is the one that hours upon hours upon hours of Perfect Dark have primed me for: The Perfect Dark remake, coming exclusively to Xbox, which my $1 Game Pass subscription has primed me for (plug, plug). The only thing missing from this destiny was a release date, but now the Xbox Ambassador Account has changed that:

Perfect Dark Release Date

To be fair, it's more of a release window, but it's better than nothing. On their official blog, Xbox Ambassador talks about some of the most anticipated Xbox Games for 2022. All the games already have a release date and there are no surprises, but one game does get an unexpected mention, and you can already guess which one: Perfect Dark.

The exact quote was that "Perfect Dark is expected to be released in 2022 or 2023"

Interestingly, though, I should say that this was the quote. Perfect Dark has since been removed from the list, as has the Xbox Ambassador Twitter link that led to it, which makes the whole statement even more enticing, because, once you delete a tweet, you know that tweet was legit.

Of course, 2022 or 2023 is quite the window, but it's better than what we've got going on with GTA 6 and The Elder Scrolls 6, so... hey, I'll take it.