Leak: Microsoft Will Remaster Fable, Gears, Skyrim & More

Jeff Grubb is at it again with the latest leaks, and this one suggests Microsoft is bringing some classics into the modern era.

Microsoft remasters
The good old days... | © Microsoft

Got your pinches of salt? Good, because this one is going to need some serious, serious seasoning. Why? Well, the tweet in question got deleted, which leaves me without a source, but also has me thinking: This one was too hot to leave it out in the open. Jeff Grubb is onto something here, and we're bringing it to you.

Microsoft Will Remaster All Classics

The original tweet stated that Microsoft is planning to remaster all major franchises, and that Gears of War and Fallout, specifically, are on the table to go first. Why did Jeff Grubb delete the tweet? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm thinking that this is the soft-confirmation this one needed. After all, this does make sense. With Game Pass, Microsoft has the perfect platform to offer remasters to the people, and remastering game is the perfect way to get subscribers. It's a perfect marriage, that you can be a part of for just $1 with our little trick.

What does this mean for other Xbox classics? I'm thinking Fable, Halo, Banjo Kazooie... Microsoft might not have Sony's catalog of first-party games, but the offering is impressive enough, and they do have one ace up their sleeve: Skyrim. With Microsoft owning Bethesda, they could decide to remaster the decade-old game, and you can't tell me that a proper Skyrim remaster wouldn't sell like hot cakes with how blue-balls we all are for The Elder Scrolls 6. Hell, it doesn't even need to be Skyrim - give us a legit Morrowind remaster and... well... take our money.