Far Cry 5 In 60FPS - Next-Gen Update Coming To PS5 & Xbox Series X|S This Month

Far Cry 5 was released five years ago, and so to celebrate the anniversary Ubisoft are pushing out a next-gen update. It might not make much financial sense, but it's pretty cool. Thanks, Ubisoft!

Far Cry 5
A new update for Far Cry 5 is coming, get ready to enjoy this RPG on next-gen! | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft are going through a hell of a rough patch right now. Multiple projects have been scrapped (but not Skull & Bones, that was just delayed...again), no one knows what the f*ck they're doing with AC, and the threat of a hostile takeover is looming ever larger.

So it's very surprising to see the publisher allocate resources to something unlikely to make a return. But hey, if they want to do something for the Far Cry 5 community, we're all for it.

Next-Gen Update For 5-Year Anniversary Of Far Cry 5

In a recent Tweet, Ubisoft have announced their plans to release a next-gen update for 2018's Far Cry 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. They're doing this to celebrate the game's anniversary, which to be exact is March 26.

Here is the Tweet:

The only thing they specifically mention would be in the update was "a highly requested feature for next-gen consoles". And we're 99.99% certain that this means 60 frames-per-second.

Will we get any other impressive new features? Unlikely, but we'll find out soon. Either way, it's a good look for Ubisoft. Hopefully they can turn their fortunes around, with moves like this, and a successful launch for both AC: Mirage and XDefiant later in the year.

Maybe now is the perfect time to start playing Far Cry 5? It would certainly be something to do until the year's biggest titles are released:

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