Starfield: How To Rename Your Ship

You can add a bunch of new ships to your arsenal in Starfield, but no matter how epic they look, its name is much more important! After all, a cool name makes a great first impression, right? This little guide shows you, how to change your ship's name if you aren’t happy with the current one.

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Starfield: This is how to rename your ship! | © Bethesda

Luckily, renaming your ship in Starfield is super-duper easy and all you need is a couple of minutes and some social skills! (Well, maybe it is a little tricky after all …)

Let's head into it straight away!

Starfield: How To Rename Your Ship

As I mention earlier, renaming your ship won't take you longer than 5 minutes. However, this options does not appear in the main ship menu as you might think it would. But fear not, we will show you where to find it!

Rather than doing it in said menu, you have to travel to any major starport and keep your eyes open in order to find a Ship Services Technician. This Technician allows you to buy new ships, repair your current ship, or upgrade its equipment. Interact with them and then ask to view or modify your ships.

Now, you have to select, which ship you would like to rename. Be careful to take the right one! Find the “Flight Check” button on the bottom right. After clicking it, you will enter another menu, which will give you the option to rename your ship. A small dialogue window will open, and you can change your ship's name. All you have to do now, is to hit “Confirm” twice in order to save.

That was so easy, right?!

If you need more information on the game, check out our Starfield section! There, you will find every guide you will ever need in order to beat the game, pinky-promise!

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