Good News for Steam Deck Owners

Steam Deck owners rejoice: Valve is now offering an official repair service for Steam Decks.

Steam deck repairs
Never worry about this beauty getting broken. | © Valve

If you own a Steam Deck, you don't really need any good news - just owning one is a glorious drop of happiness. But... now your happiness is about to level up, because if you were ever worried about where to take your Steam Deck when issues are bound to arise - worry no more. Valve has officially announced an official Steam Deck repair center.


Steam Deck Repair Service

In true Valve fashion, the repair service is not mandatory - meaning that you can still get your Steam Deck repaired anywhere without losing the warranty. Truly, Valve remains the company of the people. If you do choose to take the official route, though, you will get certain repairs free of charge if you still have a warranty on your Steam Deck.

As if that wasn't enough, Valve also recently announced that they're already considering a sequel for the handheld, and it seems they're planning to take a page out of the book of smartphone developers: The current theory is that we will see annual upgrades, similar to how Apple handles the iPhone. Makes me wonder if the newly announced repair-service will also serve as a trade-in service for your soon-to-be regularly outdated Steam Decks...