Save Money: These Tricks Let You Play Steam Games For Free

We all know the problem of just wanting too many cool games on Steam but not enough money to get them all. We will show you how you get to enjoy as many games on Steam as you want for free.

Here's how you can save tons of money on Steam. | © Valve

You want to get a cool game on Steam but don't want to wait for the next sale? Or you just don't have the money to spend on it? Don't worry, my friend: There are good ways to get these games while saving lots of money! A lot of people don't know these tricks, and they are worse off for it. However, we will show you two great ways to get games on Steam without having to buy them.

Steam Remote Play: It's Better Together

One of the most underrated features in Steam is Remote Play Together. This feature is simple, yet genius. One user buys a game and up to three others can play that game as well. That's not all: Remote Play allows you to play a game online with your friends, even if it technically only has offline multiplayer. Sounds too good to be true, but this feature is actually as amazing as it sounds.

It's fairly easy to use. Whoever owns the game needs to be in-game and open the Steam overlay. Here you can invite your friends to participate in Remote Play Together. And that's it. One copy, four gamers playing together. Beautiful.

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Steam Family Library: Sharing Is Caring

The other trick is maybe more known but still underrated. Everyone should get into family sharing on Steam. And we mean everyone. It's actually a ridiculously good feature, as you can literally share your entire Steam library with up to five friends. Here's how it works:

  • Get a friend
  • Have that friend log into their Steam account on your PC
  • You both need to go into the account settings on Steam and activate Family Sharing. Authorize each other as users.

That's it! Simple, elegant, beautiful, cheap. Just how we like it. There is one major limitation to Family Sharing: you can't play games from your friend's library, if they are already playing something. However, there is one workaround for that: the user who shares their library needs to go offline and then both should be able to play at the same time.

This obviously doesn't work for games that require an internet connection to work, but if that's not the case, then this should work just fine. Now you can enjoy a full library of games, without having to pay anything extra.