Super Mario Bros. Wonder Fan Theory Confirmed After Surprising Announcement From Nintendo

Super Mario fans around the world were shocked after Nintendo announced that voice actor Charles Martinet is no longer voicing the Italian plumber. However, the suspicions that Martinet might not lend Mario his voice for much longer were not entirely new.

Super Mario Bros Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder will release in October. | © Nintendo

Super Mario is a popular video game hero and has found his way into our homes in more than one way. After originally calling only Nintendo consoles his home, he has since branched out to our phones. Most recently, our favorite Italian plumber has also made a great impression in cinemas with the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

With the exception of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, where Mario was given his voice by actor Chris Pratt, there has always been one voice actor behind many Mushroom Kingdom characters: Charles Martinet. His voice acting was not only limited to the Mushroom Kingdom's undisputed hero, as he also gave his voice to his brother Luigi, his nemesis Wario and many other characters over the years.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Iconic Voice Will Not Return

Charles Martinet with Mario
Charles Martinet will no longer be the voice actor of Mario. | © Charles Martinet/Nintendo

Recently, Nintendo announced that Charles Martinet will no longer voice Mario, and will instead be moved to the position of brand ambassador for Super Mario. This came as a shock to many, as they only ever knew Martinet as the iconic Italian plumber's voice.

This is also sad news for the 67-year-old US-American himself, who stated only two years ago that he wants to voice Mario until the day he dies.

Gaming content creators GameXplain have reached out to Nintendo and received confirmation that Mario has a different voice actor than usual in the upcoming game Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

This confirms the rumors that Nintendo might have hired a different voice actor. While the Japanese company has not yet officially determined a successor to Martinet, it is clear that said successor is already hard at work!

Following the latest Nintendo Direct on June 21, fans have noticed that Mario sounds slightly different than usual. Check out the trailer and see if you can hear a difference!

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