Shigeru Miyamoto Teases More Nintendo Movies After Super Mario Success

After the Super Mario movie crushed box offices, Nintendo seems to be up for more adaptations of their popular franchises.

After witnessing the success of the Super Mario movie, Shigeru Miyamoto claims that Nintendo is already planning more movie adaptations as we speak.

Shigeru Miyamoto is the genius behind some of Nintendo's most famous franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Star Fox and has even worked as the CEO of Nintendo. This just goes to show how much of an impact his statements have.

The Super Mario Movie has been a great success for Universal Picture and Nintendo themselves, as it not only made bank at the box office, but is also widely regarded as one of the best video game adaptations out there.

This success is probably what helped make Nintendo consider more adaptations of their most successful IPs.

Shigeru Miyamoto Shares Thoughts On More Nintendo Movies

In an interview with Nikkei (translated by VGC), Miyamoto gave some cryptic hints regarding Nintendo's future in the movie industry, telling fans to “Please keep an eye on our next production. Nintendo is like a talent agency. We have many other entertainers (on our roster).”

Super Mario Movie Ad Plumbers
The Mario Bros. made it happen! | © Nintendo; Universal Pictures

Translations can obviously be a little tricky, as some words don't have an exact counterpart, but this sounds a lot like he is teasing some kind of Nintendo cinematic universe.

Not gonna lie, that sounds awesome! Even, though he didn't drop any specific titles, we all know that a The Legend of Zelda movie would hit different (if adapted well). With all the hype surrounding the Tears of the Kingdom release, it is definitely a possibility Nintendo should consider.

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Seems like Miyamoto might already have something in mind, making his statement a little more specific: “There are various ways to develop characters (for the screen), including characters that are suitable for film and characters that are well known.”

Looking at all the IPs Nintendo has to offer, there are more than enough stories that would be perfect for a silver screen adaptation. Just looking at the Fire Emblem and The Legend of Zelda gets hopes high for the future.

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