Super Mario Movie: Right Wingers Confused On Whether Movie Is "Woke"

After the Super Mario movie released, critics and fans were torn on whether the movie was good. Now conservatives are confused on whether the movie is actually woke or not.

Mario Woke
Conservatives can't decide whether the Super Mario movie is woke or not | © Universal Studio; Nintendo

The Super Mario movie seems to have a knack for dividing public opinion. First it received mixed reviews, with critics mostly hating on it and fans loving it, and now right-wingers can't decide whether the movie is woke or not.

People On The Internet Can't Decide If The Super Mario Movie Is Woke Or Not

Overall, the Super Mario movie has released to critical acclaim (not by critics though) with audiences worldwide loving it. The movie even set a record on its opening weekend, grossing in $377 million.

Now some right wing commentators, like Steven Crowder or even Alex Jones, are attributing the movies' success to it being “anti-woke”. Seems like the conservatives online are a little confused on the topic, as others call it woke trash.

It almost looks like right-wingers don't have a solid definition on what they consider “woke” and instead throw it at everything they don't like, as some kind of insult.

Some dude even went so far as to cry about the popular Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, calling it “disgusting they had to include woke pride flag nonsense”.

The Rainbow Road is a classic in the franchise, and most fans greatly appreciated it being included in the movie.

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Another point of critique was Peach being some kind of “insufferable girl boss that didn't need saving, like in the games.

I guess, strong women can be intimidating for some people, but what is it then? Is the Super Mario movie woke, or anti-woke?

Maybe they should just shut up altogether and simply enjoy a movie that was clearly made for children. Or don't, seeing them get that worked up and arguing against each other is kind of fun.

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