New Super Mario Bros. Movie: Critics Hate It - Fans Love It

After The Super Mario movie finally hit theaters, the reviews are pouring in, and it's actually pretty bad, according to the critics that is.

The Super Mario movie is actually not so bad | © Universal Studio; Nintendo

Video game adaptations are currently popping off, with HBO's the Last of Us adaptation being widely celebrated and Arcane being one of the best series to ever come to Netflix. It seems they finally found out to make game adaptations work, as the new Super Mario movie also received a lot of positive feedback… from fans, that is.

Super Mario Movie Gets Bashed By Critics

When it comes to critics, the movie didn't quite stick the landing for them. Looking at Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good impression of what the consensus seems to be regarding the movie, the audience loves it and the critics hate it.

While outlets like Polygon (who are pretty much a meme for bad takes) describing it as “endless nostalgia bait with no hook of its own” others, like The Verge called it “the new golden standard for video game films”.

When the first trailer dropped, a lot of people were concerned about Chris Pratt's portrayal of the Italian plumber, but looking at the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, it can't be that bad.

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Even the critique from Polygon seems like they had too high expectations for what clearly aims to be a kids' movie, providing some easy going fun. It's pretty evident that the movie is not trying to overcomplicate the plot and simplifies certain elements to keep the flow of the movie going.

Here are some games we wish would get adapted, so pls Netflix?

The movie seems to be part of a new trend of good video game adaptations, that make people hopeful for the future. Hopefully the movie sells well during its runtime in theaters, so Nintendo considers some other projects, like a Legend of Zelda movie. That would be dope!

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