The Super Mario Movie Success: A Luigi Spinoff Allegedly In The Works

A recent rumor suggests that Luigi might get his own spin-off movie.

Luigi Movie
Luigi is getting a spinoff movie! | © Nintendo

Luigi has always been the forgotten child when it comes to the Super Mario franchise. Next to Mario (the star), Peach and even Yoshi, the green plumber has always been overshadowed. Now there are rumors that he might get his own movie spin-off, following the success of the Super Mario movie. And I, for one, can't wait.

Super Mario Spin-Off Following Luigi: Will It Be Luigi's Mansion?

The Super Mario Bros. movie has been a great success at the box office, showing that video game adaptations can be good! Okay there have been great adaptations before, but this might be a sign that even Hollywood finally gets it.

Hopefully this film is just the first of many great adaptions (I really, really want that awesome Legend of Zelda adaptation). And looking at the recent rumors about a Luigi spin-off movie, we might not have to wait too long before we get the next one.

As always, Reddit was the first place to discover the alleged leak, where someone on LinkedIn had put “voice of Luigi in the untitled Mario movie and the untitled Luigi movie” in their description.

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As always you gotta take “leaks” like this with a grain of salt, but Luigi's Voice actor Charlie Day already expressed his interest in an interview with ComicBook.

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When asked whether he was up to work on a Luigi's Mansion spin-off movie, Day responded, saying: “Yes I do. Big time… You’re not the first [to ask] but let’s get that out in the zeitgeist. Let’s make this happen, okay? I am in.”

A Luigi's Mansion movie would be awesome and people online seem to agree, one comment being that “A Luigi's Mansion movie literally writes itself.” and others agreeing that “kid friendly “spooky” movies have been consistently popular”.

So far, nothing is confirmed, but we're looking forward to many new movies adapting beloved franchises from our childhood.

Oh, and if you thought the Super Mario World can't be horrifying, check out this video:

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