"Hail To The King, Baby!": Duke Nukem Movie In The Works

Hollywood popping off on the video game adaptations recently. First a Super Mario movie and now Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem coming to the big screen with the producers of Cobra Kai! | © 3D Realms

Even though the 90s are long gone, Duke Nukem always makes a comeback, this time on the silver screen as a live action movie. As they have a fable for reimagining old franchises, the creators of Cobra Kai joined the project.

Duke Nukem Will Get A Live Action Adaptaion

Duke Nukem has been one of the most iconic video game characters of the 90s. With his cheesy/edgy catchphrases every teenager quoted in front of the bathroom mirror trying to look tough, and his hypermasculine persona, he was simply iconic.

Even though later games bombed even harder than Duke did in his gameplay, it seems like the Legendary Entertainment had enough faith in the franchise to invest into the film rights, as was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

  • While writing this article I took the best headset I had, cranked up the volume, and listened to Duke Nukem catchphrases for 1h straight! You can find the headset here.

They even got a couple of producers onboard that know a thing or two about adapting 90s action hits. We're talking about Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg.

If you're into reimaginations of classic franchises, we got some awesome news for you:

The producers recently remade the iconic Karate Kid movies in their Cobra Kai series, and if this is anything to go by, Duke Nukem seems all the more promising.

Personally, I'm hoping for a dumb fun movie, that doesn't take itself seriously (like, at all), and is similar in tone to another 90s classic, Last Action Hero. This was pretty much already a perfect Duke Nukem movie, and I really hope they get some inspiration from this one.

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