US Secret Service Exposed: Monitoring OnlyFans, Twitch & Other Platforms

The US Secret Service is reportedly monitoring users on various social media platforms including OnlyFans and Twitch, raising concerns over privacy and online surveillance.

Secret Service
US Secret Service Exposed: Monitoring OnlyFans, Twitch & Other Platforms | © Instagram

Are you curious about what the US government is up to in terms of online surveillance? Well, recent reports have revealed that the US Secret Service is keeping an eye on users of platforms that aren't just the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter, but also on newer platforms like Twitch. This implies that the government now views these newer platforms to be just as influential as the established tech giants, and is monitoring specific accounts on them.

Additionally, it seems that even OnlyFans content creators are not immune from such monitoring, which has raised eyebrows in many circles. This latest trend of the US government's skepticism towards new tech companies is also evident in its concerns about the impact of TikTok on young audiences. Several sources reported about it and in the meantime, should one have to worry about the use of these media?

US Secret Service Exposed To Monitor OnlyFans, Twitch & Other Platforms

According to the reports, the US Secret Service is not just monitoring the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Pinterest, but also content creators on OnlyFans. While the names of specific accounts have been redacted, it is still surprising that this platform is being monitored by the Secret Service, as OnlyFans is primarily used for adult content.

The Secret Service has also been keeping an eye on users' Pinterest accounts, stating that it takes its responsibility of ensuring the protection and continuity of the American government seriously. This trend of the US government being skeptical towards new tech companies is also evident in its concerns over the impact of TikTok on young audiences.

In any case, the Secret Service has emphasized that it will monitor all types of open source communications in accordance with federal laws and the Constitution.

As for TikTok, the US government has expressed concerns over the app's ownership by Chinese company ByteDance and its potential to collect user data, particularly from young audiences. In 2020, former President Trump even issued an executive order seeking to ban the app in the US, although the ban was later halted by a federal court ruling.

Nonetheless, the current administration still maintains that it is keeping a close eye on TikTok, and has even imposed restrictions on the app's ability to collect user data.

Overall, the US government's monitoring of newer platforms like OnlyFans and TikTok suggests that it is taking a more proactive stance towards online surveillance, particularly in light of the impact that social media can have on politics and culture. However, this has also raised concerns over privacy and the extent to which the government is able to monitor citizens' online activities.