Back On YouTube – Two Weeks Break Apparently Cured KSI From Being Racist

KSI returns to YouTube after a racial slur incident, admitting to his faults and plans to improve as a person while pledging to do more for charitable causes, but some are skeptical of his ability to change deeply ingrained behaviors in just two weeks.

KSI is back
Back On YouTube – Two Weeks Break Apparently Cured KSI From Being Racist | © Instagram

KSI has made a comeback on his YouTube channel after a controversial racial slur incident that occurred during a Sidemen Sunday video a few weeks ago. In the video, KSI can be seen using a racial term in conversation, which caused backlash from viewers. The video was taken down, and KSI issued multiple apologies.

During his break, KSI visited a mosque to educate himself on the issue. Now, he has returned to his platform and addressed the situation in a more detailed manner.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are people's personalities. KSI deserves a pat on the back for taking steps to educate himself and become a better human being after the recent incident. It is impressive how quickly he has made his transition and turned his life around in just two weeks! I mean, I can't even change my bedsheets in that time, let alone deeply ingrained behaviors and beliefs. Maybe he's secretly a superhero with the power of self-improvement?

Back On YouTube – Two Weeks Break Apparently Cured KSI From Being Racist

KSI took a break to reflect on his life and admitted his faults and the plans he has to improve himself as a person. He wants to speak with his fans on a more personal level and record videos on his platform. KSI also wants to commit more time to his charitable endeavors, as he feels he hasn't done enough to help those in need. He believes that his presence can make a big difference, and he wants to help those who are suffering or struggling.

Although KSI is not focused on the mistakes he has made in the past, he promises to do more off the radar to help the community. KSI assures his fans that his regular content will remain unchanged, and he will still have his fight with Joe Fournier as scheduled. His channel now has a newfound sense of morality. Who knew that two weeks could turn a problematic person into a poster child for positive change? It's almost like he got hit by a bolt of enlightenment during his break. If only we could all change our ways so quickly and easily!

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