Twitch Streamer Fails At 24 Hours Tape Challenge – Still Makes Bank

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily has been making waves recently with her wild content, now she took things to the next level with her Wall-a-thon.

Emily Wall
Emily truly is a little Extra with her wild Twitch streams | © ExtraEmily

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily has been blowing up in popularity recently. The latest OTK member is well known for her crazy content but has recently taken things to a whole new level, by taping herself to a wall for a "Wall-A-Thon".

ExtraEmily Goes The Extra Mile By Taping Herself To A Wall

On April 9, 2023, Emily first shared her plans on stream, talking about how she wants to spend her Easter taped to a wall in a subathon like manner.

Her "Wall-A-Thon" Easter event takes a lot of inspiration from the typical Subathon, but increases the stakes a little. Emily decided that wasn't enough and included a little more spice, adding some challenges.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the format, during a subathon a streamer has to stay live longer, the more subs they get. How much time is added per sub depends on the person. In this case, one sub meant 30 seconds extra wall time for Emily.

As I mentioned before, ExtraEmily likes to max out on entertainment factor, therefore including some extra challenges. If someone gifted 5 subs, 1000 bits or donated $10 she would get water balloons thrown at her face. For double the amounts (10 subs, 2000 bits, $20) they would switch the water balloons with eggs.

During the event, Emily was joined by several other OTK members, like Mizkif and Tectone. She probably would have preferred them to stay away, though, as they took advantage of her not being able to escape by showing her cringe TikToks. Truly a fate worse than death!

Sadly, ExtraEmily wasn't able to complete her Wall-A-Thon, though, and had to call it quits after roughly 13 hours. Don't take this the wrong way, 13 hours of hanging like that is a lot, and some people were even concerned about her health.

Streamer Spends 13 Hours Taped To A Wall, Earns Almost $3.000

The whole ordeal earned Emily roughly $2.640, water balloons and eggs included. So was it worth it? Well for me, it probably would have been, for her… not so much.

If you ever considered working as a personal assistant for your favorite streamer, don't! Some streamers have the weirdest demands:

But let's just celebrate the entertaining challenge, and especially that nobody got hurt in the process.

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