Hasan Listed As Top Donor Funding The Amazon Labor Union

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan funded the Amazon Labour Union as the largest individual donor.

Hasan Amazon
Hasan Piker being a communist IRL | © Yender Gonzales via Unsplash; Hasan Piker

Twitch star Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker is well known for his political commentary, often being associated with communist beliefs due to his anti-capitalist tendencies. This has now put him in an awkward position, as he was publicly listed as one of the top donors for the Amazon Labor Union (ALU). So Hasan is pretty much working against Jeff Bezoz (his boss).

Hasan Supports Labor Union Of His Boss' Company

The Amazon Labor Union is a labor-activist group founded back in 2021 and has been fighting to improve the working conditions at the company ever since.

This is a fight, Hasan cares about and was willing to support… a lot! So much in fact that he became the largest individual donor funding the ALU.

What this means is that Hasan was/is supporting an organization that is working against the best interest of his “boss” Jeff Bezoz. I guess, his distaste for billionaires doesn't stop at his own boss.

Well, maybe a little because he (probably jokingly) responded to a post on Twitter, saying "bro chill, jeff bezos (my boss) is on this app".

Hasan has been doing a lot of charity work lately, using his influence as well as his own assets. Another example of this was when he raised money for the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye.

Seems like he still can't catch a break, though because there are still people out there saying he did it for clout.

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