Hasan Comforts Fan Who Lost Everything To Gambling

After bashing Hasan for his gambling, takes a viewer returned after having lost everything and gets welcomed back with some words of wisdom.

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Hasan with the words of wisdom. | © HasanAbi

After criticizing Hasan for his take on the topic, a viewer returned, admitting that gambling destroyed his life. He was welcomed back with open arms and a Turkish saying.

Gambling has been a controversial topic on Twitch for a while now, even after it got pretty much banned off the platform. At that time, a lot of popular content creators spoke out against promoted gambling, including Hasan.

Viewer Apologizes To Hasan After Gambling Ruined his Life

It seems like, at that time, the viewer in question criticized Hasan's take on gambling, claiming he “cashed out thousands”.

At that time, he was an avid supporter of gambling and streams promoting it on Twitch, but has since changed his mind. On April 3, the user took to Hasan's chat, apologizing and stating how gambling ruined his life.

Hasan did not hold any resentment, and instead showed compassion, offering some words of wisdom as well.

“Man listen, I’m glad that you’re getting help. In Turkey, we have a saying… which means no matter where you turn, away from a loss, it’s profit. So ultimately, you’ve turned it around, so that’s a good thing, you know.”

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This was truly heartwarming and ultimately goes on to show, how gambling can ruin people's life. It is good to see that this user is getting help and hopefully can get back on track.

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