Big Turkish Media Outlet Misattributes Hasan's Charity Work To IShowSpeed On Purpose

A major Turkish media outlet disregarded Hasan by attributing the money he raised to fellow streamer IShowSpeed.

Thumbnail I Show Speed Hasan
IShowSpeed steals Hasan's shine | © IShowSpeed via YouTube; Hasan via Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has been raising a lot of money for the victims in Türkiye and Syria after the catastrophic earthquake struck. During one of his recent streams he found out that a major Turkish news outlet disregarded this entirely, praising fellow streamer IShowSpeed instead.

Hasan Explains Why Turkish Media Outlet Avoids Mentioning Turkish Streamers

During his stream on February 9, Hasan celebrated the milestone of $1 million Dollars raised for Türkyie, when he was made aware of a news article by the Turkish media outlet NTVSpor.

The article talks about an American streamer that has been raising $200,000 for the victims of the earthquake. The thing is, instead of naming Hasan as the person who raised all that money, they attribute it to the YouTube streamer IShowSpeed, who (as far as I know) did nothing at all. They even messed up the platform he is actually streaming on.

As to how that kind of mistake could happen, Hasan provides a possible explanation: “The Turkish government will avoid talking about all the Turkish Twitch streamers that are raising funds, not just me”.

He then continues, saying that “they don't talk about it on purpose, because everyone here is incredibly critical of the Turkish government”.

This would explain how the media outlet messed up that bad. If you do the least bit of research, you would have immediately come up with Hasan's name, as the popular political commentator has raised more than $1 million by now.

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