xQc & Asmongold Slam Hogwarts Legacy Critics For Harassing Streamers

Popular Twitch streamers xQc and Asmongold called out Hogwarts Legacy critics for their behavior and alleged double standards.

Hogwarts Legacy Asmon X Rant
xQc and Asmongold aren't too happy about the harassement streamers receive | © Asmongold, xQc via Twitch; Warner Bros.

Even before its launch, Hogwarts Legacy and whether streamers should broadcast the game have been controversial topics. With some streamers getting actively harassed for playing the game, the popular streamers Asmongold and xQc called critics of the game out for their behavior.

As the Harry Potter franchise is associated with J.K. Rowling who is widely considered as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) due to consistent transphobic comments online, people are calling for a boycott of the game.

Asmongold & xQc Lash Out At Hogwarts Legacy Critics

This led to a big uproar as popular streamers declared their intent to play the game and therefore indirectly support an anti-trans spokesperson.

The boycott has even led to some people harassing streamers via the Twitch chat, going so far as to even make one of them cry.

The drama quickly spread all over Twitch, as someone even created a website to track which streamers were broadcasting the game.

If you wanted to play the game but are seriously struggling because you don't want to support an anti-trans spokesperson, don't worry, the game has some issues:

This caused many popular streamers like xQc and Asmongold to give their takes on the current situation, criticizing the people who harass others for playing the game.

During his stream on February 7, Asmon gave his take on the situation, stating: “There is no world where this is acceptable, I don’t know what happened to people on the internet that they think that... their disagreement with somebody... that the other person has to listen to them.”

Even xQc became aware of the topic, giving his take on the situation, saying: “People fund all sorts of evil with their purchases across the board in way worse ways than you can even imagine,”.

We're not going to comment on whether this is a bad take or not, but we're also not going to condone the harassment of streamers online. Even more so, as the streamers in question, known as Girlfriend Reviews, wanted to use their stream to raise money to support LGBTQ youth.

  • If you want to support young LGBTQ people, or maybe you are a part of the LGBTQ youth, consider visiting the Trevor Project. Maybe your support will help provide them with the affirmation and love they deserve!