OTK Tectone Leaks Staggering Amount Of Money He Is Paid For Playing Lost Ark

OTK member and Twitch streamer Tectone accidentally revealed the amount of money he is getting paid for his Lost Ark sponsorship.

Tectone lost ark
Tectone earns a huge amount playing Lost Ark. | ©Tectone / Amazon Games / EarlyGame

During a recent Twitch stream, the OTK member Tectone freaked out, after getting an e-mail for his Lost Ark sponsorship, leaking his crazy payout in the process.

Twitch Streamer Tectone Leaks Lost Ark Sponsorship Live On Stream

Tectone was streaming as usual, when he got visited by fellow OTK members Mizkif and Emiru. The three of them were having a good time, watching the newest member of the org, ExtraEmily, when an e-mail notification popped up on screen.

The Outlook notification read: “OTK Media, Inc sent you USD 35,000.00 Memo: Inv #LostArk”.

Tectone instantly switched the broadcast to his face camera, screaming, “WHAT IS THAT?!”, while running around the room.

Looks like the Twitch streamer really does get paid a whopping $35K simply for playing Lost Ark on stream. Well, that's a deal I'm sure most of his viewers would take in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Mizkif and Emiru were left in disbelief that the fellow OTK member has his notifications simply popping off on his main screen.

Tectone was freaking out like crazy upon receiving the mail, but it looks like he was more happy than mad. Naturally.

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