BruceDropEmOff Lashes Out At Mizkif For "Weird" Messages After Leaving OTK

BruceDroppEmOff left OTK less than a year after joining, which has apparently caused some bad blood between himself and Mizkif.

Bruce Drop Em Off
BruceDropEmOff calls Out Mizkif for weird messages | © BruceDropEmOff via Twitch

BruceDropEmOff lashed out at Mizkif after the latter apparently started sending him "weird" messages live on stream, following his resignation from OTK.

On January 24, Bruce announced via Twitter that he had left OTK, less than a year after joining. In the short Tweet, he thanked the organization, which was apparently met amicably by the org itself.

It looks like there might have been some drama behind the scenes, though, as a recent stream alludes to some bad blood between Mizkif and the former OTK Member.

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BruceDropEmOff Calls Out Mizkif For “Weird” Text Messages

During his stream shortly after his resignation, Bruce called out Mizkif after apparently receiving text messages that rubbed him the wrong way.

After stepping away from his stream for a couple seconds, Bruce returned with a few words for Mizkif:

Mizkif, stop texting my phone, you are blocked b*tch a*s. Don’t ever come at me like that ever a day in your f*ckin life. I did way more for you than I was ever supposed to. Don’t try to come at me… You’re supposed to be sending good energy. I should have left when your b*tch a*s got exposed.

He continued, “That’s that weird sh*t, I don’t like that. F*ck you now. Now it’s f*ck you. You are weird as f*ck. There’s no drama, it’s just weird energy because I left.”

This sounds like Mizkif wasn't too happy about Bruce leaving OTK like that. The way Bruce words his response makes it seem like Miz might have accused him of not doing enough to support him or the organization, as a friend and as a member.

Bruce mentioned that he was “more than enough” of a friend to appear on Mizkif’s recent streams, "sticking [his] neck out" for him. But now, it seems, he no longer wants to be associated with OTK.

There's always more than enough drama on Twitch, just look at November 2022:

As the drama continues, we'll keep you updated.

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