Kai Cenat Calls Out Mizkif For Snitching On Him

During his recent stream, Kai got mad about Mizkif snitching on him, bringing IShowSpeed onto his stream, even though he was banned on Twitch.

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Kai Cenat calling Mizkif weird for snitching | © Mizkif & Kai Cenat via Twitch

During a recent stream, Kai pulled up a clip of Mizkif ranting about Twitch's double standards. In the clip, Mizkif talks about how Kai was able to have IShowSpeed on his stream without getting banned, prompting Kai to call him weird for snitching on him.

In the stream Mizkif is referencing, Kai tried to "hide" Speed's identity by having him wear a jumpsuit and a mask, referring to him as John. Even though it was pretty obvious "John" was in fact IShowSpeed, Kai never got banned for this.

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Who's this Pokemon? Oh its Speed! | © Kai Cenat via Twitch

Mizkif Ranting About Kai Cenat Having IShowSpeed On Stream

In the video Kai watched, Mizkif takes a shot at Twitch for not enforcing the Terms of Service equally, picking favorites and having double standards.

This is not the first time Twitch is accused of being biased, as Trainwreck also called the platform out for this previously.

But I guess it's a different story when you start calling out people for that privilege, I guess? Kai wasn't too happy about Mizkif snitching on him in that way, calling him weird.

Careful, the clip is REALLY loud, so you might want to lower your volume:

In the clip, Kai denies ever featuring Speed on his channel, but even if that was true, he also watched videos of him on stream, so either way he would have been in the same situation Mizkif was.

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For all of you who don't know, Mizkif was banned for watching a video of Gross Gore (who is banned on Twitch) on his stream and got the ban-hammer for that.

On Reddit, people are having a field day with this. With most of the comments making fun of Kai for still denying he had Speed on his stream: "That was speed? Next, you are going to say Clark Kent is Superman. I don’t believe it."

Speed has been involved in a lot of scandals the last couple of months, so I guess for him, it is a big W not to be the cause of this one:

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